Diamond Extracts, Everybody’s Best Friend

diamond extracts

It’s not just girls, you know.  Yes, that old saying may be true, but today’s diamond extracts are for everyone. The jewel variety is extracted from the ground after millennia of coal compression.  But the diamonds we’re talking about are extracted from cannabis plants, and you don’t wear them.  Yet, compression does play a part […]

The Sauce Makes The Meal – HTFSE In Canada


Meat is meat, and fish is fish, and almost all restaurants serve both.  High-quality meat or fish is available to every restaurant, as they all have access to the same purveyors.  Quality being equal, it will be the sauces a chef prepares for them that will distinguish one restaurant from another. What does that have […]

CO2 Oil, What’s the Big Deal? 

co2 honey oil

CO2 Honey Oil is becoming a serious contender among cannabis offerings in Canada, as some people find it has stronger concentration and potency.    So, what exactly is CO2 Honey Oil?  It’s another variety of extract created by using carbon dioxide (thus, co2) instead of some other solvent.  Under high-pressure compression, it’s able to strip […]

3 Tips for Using CO2 Honey Oil

co2 honey oil

CO2 is a shortened form of saying carbon dioxide. It is used as a solvent in making cannabis concentrates. CO2 is a naturally occurring compound. CO2 honey oil is one of many cannabis concentrates. It is created by extracting properties from a cannabis plant using carbon dioxide as a solvent. How it Works: CO2 extraction […]

Here’s What People Are Saying About THC Diamonds

diamond extracts

THC Diamonds are a very expensive treat for a cannabis user. They are a cannabis concentrate that is created following an exact procedure. An extraction process takes place and extraction takes place, removing the extract. This cannabis concentrate gets its name from its appearance, resembling tiny pieces of granulated sugar. Creating a live resin, following […]

5 Awesome Things About HTFSE

HTFSE diamond extracts

HTFSE is an acronym for high terpene full-spectrum extracts. This is a full spectrum cannabis extract. This is an incredible cannabis compound, and we’re sharing 5 awesome things about it. What it is HTFSE is a cannabis compound that focuses on multiple terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Most other extracts focus on only one compound. HTFSE […]

3 Benefits of Using Distillate Smoking Oil

Distillate Smoking Oil vape

Distillate oil is the base ingredient for most cannabis edibles along with vape cartridges. It normally is flavorless and without a scent. Distillate oil is very potent and though it is without terpenes, you have control over the entire taste and smell. To create distillate oil, you go through a process of removing everything except […]

How to Make Dabs

whats a weed dab

Dabbing is the most popular way to consume cannabis concentrates. Cannabis users love the fact that they can use a small amount of product and still experience one of the strongest highs of their life. After reading this, you’re probably wishing you knew how to make dabs. Don’t worry – we have you covered. Find […]

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