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Shatter is one of the best ways to experience THC in a different method than just smoking. Shatter got its name from the way that it is fragile and looks like it would shatter just like glass if it was dropped. Shatter sits right in the middle when it comes to the potency of the THC that is on the market. Shatter is super easy to use, hence why many people are using this for their THC. To use shatter you can dab this and inhale the vapor that is produced. You can also use this in a vape pen that has a heating element. You will also find that many people take pieces of the shatter and put this into what they are smoking. Still, other people take a fun approach by melting the shatter into some oil and inserting this into edibles. Whatever you do, you will find that shatter is an easy start if you want something more than just smoking the same old bud. Plus, we have shatters available in numerous strains so that you can choose the effect that you are looking to find with the THC that you are using, whether you want something that helps you relax or something that is going to make you sleepy.